Websites & Web Presence

Your website should be designed with flair, built with care, hosted securely and promoted professionally. What else works for you everywhere, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

Websites to be what you want

Website Design & Development

Whether you want a website to do things, a website to sell things, a website that you can edit or simply a website to tell the world about your organisation, PrizeByte creates exceptional results. Using in-house expertise and a wide network of trusted partners in Hampshire, the UK and beyond we are able to assemble the very best combination of skills for any project.

Enhance your Web Presence

Your website is the foundation of your web presence, but it is only that....a foundation. No matter how exciting and innovative the website, there is still work to be done to attract visitors and maximise its revenue potential. Yesterday's buzzword was SEO (search engine optimisation) and, yes, if your website is not optimally coded we can certainly help. Today there are sophisticated analysis tools and techniques beyond this for enhancing your web presence and the usability of your website. We pride ourselves on being on the leading edge.

HotHouse Web Development

We are pioneers of the concept of HotHouse web development. If you need a website in a hurry, we can arrange a hothouse session in our Hampshire studios. During this, your website will be created in front of you so you can make changes and fine–tune it in real–time. Not for the faint hearted, this is an exciting, fast–track technique to establishing a web presence.

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