Leadership Team

Simon May

IT has moved on from efficiency improvement to delivering competitive advantage and hard revenues. Exciting times, but business continuity still remains vital.

PrizeByte’s Managing Director, Simon May, started the company in 2001. His career in technology started in the late 70’s working with ICL mainframes. Through the BBC, BT, AT&T and then to Bell Labs he has wide technical management experience with many of the leaders in their fields.

While acknowledging that PrizeByte's core skills are founded in technology, Simon's passion is in applying IT intelligently and turning this into competitive advantage...but delivered with a human touch and communicated in understandable terms.

Simon Greenly

Getting technology right is one of the keys to sustainable business success. Correctly applied it can build great shareholder value.

The Director of Business Development is Simon Greenly who has been growing private companies for many years, including Greenly's Software Ltd, a market leader in public sector property software. He knows what it is to be blinded by science.

As well as playing an active leadership role in Prizebyte, Simon is also chairman of Greenly's (see www.greenlys.co.uk), pioneers of the hothouse concept of company development.

Prizebyte IT Support
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