Netmaster Managed Services

PrizeByte is a Managed Service Provider experienced in preventative remote management of business computer networks. It's much, much more than monitoring and remote access.

Whether it's in the office, in a branch office, in a datacentre or even in an airport lounge, you will gain:

  • Reliability

    We'll know about an emerging problem before you, typically within less than a minute of an event occurring.
  • Consistency

    Across computers, over time - no surprises predictability. Mundane housekeeping just happens.
  • Performance

    Continuous performance measurement of every computer, with automated tuning.
  • Security

    Stop breaches, catch them early. Minimise vulnerability with prompt, reliable software updates.
  • Control

    Block Facebook? No iTunes? No problem.
  • Support

    Hands–on, remote help while you watch, troubleshooting while you sleep.
  • Remote Access

    We can give you remote access to your computers using the same tools that we use.
  • Disaster Recovery

    Complete system recovery within hours, even to
    different hardware.
  • Cost control

    No surprises budgeting, tight asset management.
  • Transparency

    Regular reporting on activity, status and trends.

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