Hosted Internet Solutions

Hig-performance internet hosting

As broadband brings the internet into businesses, it becomes increasingly viable for companies to move IT resources out onto the internet. This brings many benefits: ease of access, security, reliability and performance. Examples include:

  • Hosted applications
  • Email routing and management
  • Website and eCommerce hosting
  • Extranet sites and portals
  • Secure data logging

Management of these facilities is beyond the resources of many. Hampshire based PrizeByte breaks down this barrier with its own server farm located in a state–of–the–art datacentre in the Thames Valley just outside London. Because we both own and manage our own network there, we are able to offer our clients the very best hosting platforms.

  • Ultra high speed data connections direct into London Docklands, the heart of the UK's internet
  • Secure environment
  • Redundant power and cooling systems
  • Fast, modern servers in high-availability configurations
  • Managed, hardware firewalling
  • 24/7 monitoring
Fast web servers

Our internet solutions are typically high-end, customised solutions to meet specific hosting needs, often non-standard and invariably mission-critical.

Alongside these, we also offer general web and email hosting on much higher performance servers than normally used: Prizebyte's HyperHosting. This gives our clients, partners and resellers great performance with professional support and access to a range of related services.

Prizebyte IT Support
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